Friedland + Associates


Friedland + Associates offers an array of accounting services that are customized around your business needs and not the other way around. Many of our clients love the fact that we are not a cookie-cutter, offshore service and that we provide hands-on services that are tailored for exactly what they need.


Are you a business that requires onsite accounting services but do not need someone on your payroll? Friedland + Associates can work both onsite and offsite to best meet your needs. We can work side- by- side with your team.



Friedland + Associates leverages the greatest and latest technology and best practices to maximize speed, efficiency and visibility. Cutting edge accounting platforms and applications including QuickBooks Online,, HubDoc and other value-add, time-saving apps.


Whether you take an active role in your bookkeeping or you never want to log in to quickbooks online, Friedland + Associates will work with you to set up a workflow to best meet your bookkeeping needs for accounts receivable, accounts payable, reconciliations and bookkeeping processes.


Account Systems Setup

We work with you to set up a workflow that works for you and your team. From designing the chart of accounts to creating a process for the cloud based workflow for your organization.



Whether you are a sole proprietor who needs a few hours of training in quickbooks online or the in-house administrative staff at a small organization, we can put together a training program to meet you where you are.


Financial Reporting

Reports include, but not limited to, balance sheet, profit and loss, statement of cash flow and customized sales reports.


Accounting Manager / CONTROLLER

For larger organizations in addition to the bookkeeping function, the staff of F + A can serve as the accounting manager/controller.


Cash Flow Forecasting

Get a handle on your future finances with cash flow forecasting. We use Float App to seamlessly and confidently integrate into your accounting system, so you can predict, harness and enhance your cash position – helping you nurture your business.